Wellness Packages

We are excited to be offering Wellness Packages to our clients. These packages offer an easy way to spread the cost of a year's worth of wellness services over twelve months, saving 10% off included services, and 10% off any additional services! We now offer packages that are tailored to the age of your pet and the services your pet is likely to need. These packages are not mandatory; we offer them for clients who want to spread their pet health costs out over the year. Please contact us with additional questions about the packages, we are always happy to help!


Our puppy and kitten packages offer all the services you would expect in the first year with your pet.

  • 4 physical exams
  • 1 pre-surgical exam
  • All necessary vaccines
  • 4 intestinal parasite screens
  • 1 heartworm or feline leukemia test
  • 12 months of heartworm prevention
  • 12 months of flea & tick prevention
  • Pre-anesthetic bloodwork
  • Normal spay or neuter
  • 10% additional services discount

Adult Essential

Essential packages include all recommended vaccines and a wellness blood profile. This package provides the benefit of knowing that all of your pet's basic health requirements will be met for the year, while allowing you to spread the costs out over 12 months. All additional services performed will be at 10% off.

Adult Complete

Complete packages include everything from the essential package, but add a major blood profile, a urinalysis, an ear cytology, and a dental cleaning procedure with dental x-rays. This package also has the benefit of a 10% cost saving over all included services individually, along with the ability to budget your pet health costs over 12 months. Any additional services, including services associated with the dental procedure, such as extractions, will be at 10% off.

Adult Complete Plus

Complete plus packages include everything from the essential and complete packages, but also include chest x-rays, tonometry, and a blood pressure. These additional tests are designed to screen your pet for the early signs of major health issues, and can be important to recognize a health problem while it is still treatable. All included services are 10% off, and all additional services will be at 10% off.

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